More than 300 people are dying of Covid a day and the government’s reaction is to cut testing even more

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The Guardian has reported this morning that:

The flagship public health body set up by Boris Johnson to combat the pandemic is in turmoil, with plans looming to cut jobs by up to 40% and suspend routine Covid testing in hospitals and care homes to save money.

They add:

Whitehall sources have told the Guardian that the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), led by Dr Jenny Harries, is in a state of disarray, with morale at rock bottom and concerns it is not funded to cope with any resurgence in the pandemic. Public health experts warned that the “alarming” cuts could cost lives.

More than 800 staff are due to be lost from vital health protection teams across the country in the coming months, a reduction of 40% from the current 2,000 members of staff.

To contextualise this I note this data, from the UK Covid stats site, published yesterday:

Covid is out of control.

More than 300 people a day are dying from it. That is more than died in the UK’s worst air disaster. And yet the government wants to give up testing for it because it is supposedly too expensive.

Having shut down much of the economy two years ago for Covid, now we want to pretend it does not exist and are ignoring all those who are, and who will, die of it, all to support the political narrative tbat Covid has been beaten in this country, which is a blatant lie.

Those involved in this decision are, in my opinion, committing crimes by deliberately putting lives at risk. I hope that one day they are tried for them.