Is Musk owning Twitter a problem?

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In my discussion on the Social Consensus, published here recently, I suggested  that any government should:

provide for freedom of speech unless it promotes harm towards or hatred of another person.

Now Elon Musk has bought Twitter for $44 billion, saying that economics does not come into his consideration for doing so, but free speech does.

He has famously crossed that platform before now.

It is also thought that he will allow Trump and his followers back.

In other words, the right to promote harm towards others and hatred of another person might be permitted again, because that is what Trump did.

Where do regulators stand on this? And should they?

I think they should. I think Musk has proven himself unable to accept the responsibility of running a public interest entity, as evidenced by his approach to good governance at Tesla, where announcements that do not respect market rules have been a problem. In that case why should he be allowed to control a platform like Twitter?