A book update

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Just before Christmas I mentioned that I was thinking about writing a book on money and its role in funding the government. The idea appeared to be well received here, and I was grateful for the many comments that were made.

In that case I thought it only fair to report that I will be delivering an outline plan of the book to my literary agent today, and one publisher has already expressed serious interest in it.

Writing this plan has distracted me from some of the things that I might have wanted to have do on this blog in the last week or so, including addressing the issue of whether QE creates new money or not, and continuing the series on audit reform and the taxation of wealth. However, I hope that I will be excused given the apparent popularity of this project.

I should add due warning, however. Even if I write as quickly as it is my habit it is very unlikely that this book will be on the shelves for Christmas. That’s just the way that publishing works.

And for the record, the working title is none of those that were suggested.