It took eighteen years for the Tories to get a majority after their last corruption scandal. How long will it take this time?

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This poll was taken before yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions:

That is what cutting through looks like. The Tories on less than 30% is quite staggering, albeit they are heading LibDem.

I do not know what the seat projection based on this is, and I do not much care as I very much doubt that matters will stay like this: if the Tories rid themselves of Johnson they might get a temporary bounce, for example.

However, the message could not be clearer. It is that the public have noticed the corruption at the heart of this government. That is good news.

Now it is time for the illegality and bias within their Covid spending to be understood by the public too. I referred to this yesterday, noting the. success of the Good Law Project in court in proving that the ministerially chosen bias towards Tory supporters when procuring PPE was not lawful. If that cuts through any successor to Johnson is likely impacted by that too, unless they come from outside the current Cabinet. Even then I could not be sure.

It took thirteen years for the Tories to recover from their last sleaze scandal and eighteen years to get a majority. This crisis is worse because it focuses on the prime minister and not back benchers.  I have to hope the time out of office will be as long. Removing this stain will take a considerable time.