A year in data

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As 2021 closes these are some blog stats. These were blog reads:

I had massive traffic on Covid in 2020. That did not repeat, but the core readership was strong, and I am pleased about that.

There were about 1,130 posts (the year is not finished as yet), or about 3.1 a day, which is below the historical average.

Posting was below average in August and September. Otherwise, it was very consistent.

I do not have data on the number of comments in the year. It was many tens of thousands. Thank you.

I have no idea how much time this all took. I suspect I spend 3 or so hours a day on here. That may be 1,000 hours a year on top of what I call the day job, to which I offer full-time commitment.

And about £10,000 was donated, for which I am very grateful.

The work will continue in 2022. There is too much to do.

When I began this blog 15 years ago I had no idea that it would still be going now. But I am still curious, and I am still angry, so there is still much to write. In some small way I hope that doing so makes the world a better place. All I know is that writing this stuff helps me frame how I see things. And that's still why I do it. That others find that useful is a benefit. And I am grateful to all who say so, not least by discussing the issues so constructively in so many cases.

Let's hope for 2022, despite everything. Happy New Year