Saying Covid is over is not just speculating on the unknown, it is also recklessly irresponsible

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I am aware that many people are taking comfort from the words of scientists like Sir John Bell and Prof Paul Hunter of UEA with regard to Covid.

I do not, and Prof Christina Pagel, who has consistently been right on Covid, summarises why:

Of course we might be close to the end with Covid. But then I remember Prof Danny Dorling telling me that in September 2020, when he confidently said it was all over bar the shouting, and I completely disagreed with him.

In the face of the risk that we face what those saying Covid is no longer a major threat are suggesting is that we should take unacceptable risks, the scale of which they simply do not know. At the very least that’s reckless. When people’s lives are at stake I think that is grossly irresponsible.

Please feel free to differ. But not here. I am not a fan of those who would like to gamble with other people’s lives for the sake of a party.