What I want for Christmas

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I think I was nine when I rumbled Santa. I don’t believe that wanting things is enough to make them happen.

Nor do I believe the often rolled out claim that with a bit of effort we can be anything we want. We all have talents. It’s wise to take account of them.

But I do believe knowing what we want helps focus our efforts on achieving goals. So this is what I want for Christmas.

A government that cares about everyone

A government that complies with the law

A police force willing to investigate crime

An end to cronyism

Honest politicians

Better relations with the EU

Refugees being treated with dignity

Politicians who answer questions


A government that invests in HEPA filtration to make our schools, hospitals, universities and others safe places to be

Clean air

Clean water

Clean politics

The resources required for HMRC and Companies House to tackle corruption

The requirement that we have the data to hold companies to account

And more…..

A government for everyone, and not just the few

A fair voting system

The right for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to decide if they want to leave the Union

And end to the House of Lords

And end to two party politics

The right for everyone to be represented by someone they voted for

And in case that’s not enough …..

An end to lies about the size of the national debt

An end to austerity, which we do not need

A vision for a green transition

Proper foreign aid to address disease, poverty, inequality, distress, Covid, vaccine shortages and the climate crisis

Better education on tax and government funding

Wealth taxes to tackle inequality

And…..just in case I have not wanted enough

An end to misogyny

And racism in all its forms

Freedom from homophobia and all discrimination on the basis of gender and orientation

Religious tolerance

Respect for difference when that different view is held in good faith

Freedom from fear.

All that and more is what I want for Christmas.

That, and a smile, a hug and the familiar laughs of those that I love.

Happy Christmas.