Dominic Raab wants to strip us of our human rights to protect the rich from our unwarranted attacks

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As the Guardian noted today:

Dominic Raab is to outline a sweeping overhaul of human rights law that he claims will counter “wokery and political correctness” and expedite the deportation of foreign criminals.

Lawyers dismiss the need for any change in the law to enable the deportation of foreign criminals, so that should just be presumed to be yet another dog whistle. In that case what Raab is proposing must be seen for what it is, which is an attack on human rights.

It must be remembered that in 2009 Raab said that he did not believe in either economic or social rights. It seems very likely that he continues to hold this view. One has to presume that the only rights that he respects are those of the owners of wealth.

But the rights that he rejects also have to be noted. It is always worth recalling just how woke is defined. The website defines it as:

having or marked by an active awareness of systemic injustices and prejudices, especially those related to civil and human rights:

In other words, Raab precisely defines his new Human Rights Bill as being an attack on human rights, because to be woke is to be aware of and having a willingness to defend those rights.

Watch out then if you are a person of colour, or were not born here, or are in the LGBTQ community. Fear too if your faith makes you question rentier capitalism. Worry if you are a blogger. Keep your head down if you believe in equality. Don’t be a feminist. Or disabled, come to that. Raab does not believe in your rights. Only the white, male owners of capital have rights and he is out to defend those poor oppressed soles from everyone else who so nastily picks on them.

This is ethically and politically unforgivable. But it is happening here, right now.