When will Labour step up to the mark?

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As I noted on Twitter this morning:

Please do not get me wrong. I think that Plan B Covid measures are important, albeit that as yet they are wholly inadequate. However, in the grand scheme of things having a totally corrupt government that is offering an inept response to Covid is a much bigger issue.

What we know is that something like 100 Conservative MPs will be voting against their party next week. The libertarian nutcases (I struggled to find an alternative description but did not succeed) are intent on imposing massive numbers of deaths on the UK, and destruction of the NHS. Johnson’s corrupt government is, as a consequence, dependent upon Labour to get its Covid measures through.

If that Covid response plan was what is required, ranging from significant restrictions on social mixing, to control of hospitality, to requiring proper ventilation in schools, universities, hospitals and other workplaces before people could return, and that plan also included the necessary economic support to those who will be disrupted as a consequence, then I could see exactly why Labour might then face a dilemma.

However, the government’s Covid package is nothing like that. It is a range of pathetic measures that will have almost no impact upon the spread of omicron. What is more, we already know that these measures will not be enforced because this government has lost its credibility.

In that case, Labour has one duty and that is to bring the government down. Instead, and quite bizarrely, it is  arguing that this is the duty of Tory MPs. It is as if Labour has forgotten does its job is to be the Opposition.

As seriously, it has forgotten all of Johnson’s taunts about it playing Covid politics, because that is exactly what Labour is going to do. It will play Covid politics and offer meaningless support to the government on a measure that will have no impact when not doing so might bring the government down.

When will Labour step up to the mark?