Why won’t the SNP’s leadership let its members take the lead on the currency?

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As The National newspaper has reported in Scotland this morning:

The Alba Party has said it will do the “heavy policy lifting” on independence after party members backed the adoption of a new currency “as soon as possible” after a Yes result in indyref2.

Alex Salmond’s party was in Dunfermline yesterday for its national council.

Delegates voted for a new currency after independence, and research on “the practicalities of the currency transition and the institutional preparations required to facilitate the move” will now be commissioned.

I no more do party politics in Scotland than I do in the rest of the UK, keeping an open mind about all parties unless they are racist, when I will have nothing to do with them. So, I have spoken to Alba as much as I will to the SNP this week, and have done to Labour recently.

I say that to preface the fact that I do, of course, welcome this decision.   As I have said, repeatedly, Scotland cannot win independence without resolving this issue. Whilst the SNP procrastinates it seems that independence is not part of its leadership’s plans.

The merit of this decision is that in a member led party a decision has been taken. I think that the SNP membership would take the same decision based on my discussions with them.

The question is, why are the SNP leadership holding back?