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There is a bit of this blog that a lot of people do not notice. It is the box towards the right-hand top corner of the page that you are reading that looks like this:

Earlier this year I had to change the software used to drive the mail list, which sends out each day's blog posts in a summary email, because the previously used system was to be withdrawn from use by Google. I went for Mailchimp as an alternative because it seemed to do the job.

What I had not anticipated was that drawing attention to this change would add so many new subscribers to the list. At the weekend Mailchimp told me that I needed to upgrade my plan - and the new option was going to cost thousands a year.

As a result a new alternative has been found and we think all subscribers have been shifted to Mailerlite which will now be powering these emails, at a much more affordable price. Only one day's mailing was lost as a result of the shift.

The mail list remains free to use. But I do have a question of those who do use it. Right now it goes out late in the evening, effectively becoming a morning newsletter referring to the previous day's posts. But, would it be better as an evening post sent out at, say, 7 pm, when it will be more topical? I almost never post blogs after late afternoon as I have usually run out of enthusiasm for writing by then so everything should be captured. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

In the meantime, feel free to subscribe.