The Earthshot prizes: an exercise in royal greenwashing

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I wasted an hour of my life watching the Earthshot awards last night.

At least one prize should have been a case for venture capital, not charity.

Another was a foodbank. Come on! Important, yes, but not for this reason.

A third gave cover for Prince Charles to be paid to plant trees on royal estates.

The opportunity to give a prize to a project purifying water was passed over - when clean water is one of the biggest issues that we face.

A fourth was clearly a case where international aid should have been available.

Was any of this groundbreaking stuff? No.

Was it royal greenwash? Yes.

And where was the economics prize that might have gone to someone suggesting we might just need to change the way we manage resources if we are to survive? There wasn't one, because the whole theme was that we definitely didn't want to upset the status quo.

What a waste of time.