It’s no surprise that Biden said no, but welcome nonetheless

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Poor old Boris Johnson. All he ever wanted was a picture of himself in the White House as Prime Minister and first he was forced to have a meeting with the Vice-President and wear a mask, as if he was not allowed onto the main set without proving his worth.

Then he had to meet Biden and not Trump, who he would have very much preferred.

After that, he was told he could not have a trade deal as despite all his fawning in the AUKUS deal we are not a US priority. Those who do not want chlorinated chicken should be very relieved.

And then he was told to keep his hands off Northern Ireland and that he should stick to the protocols he has signed, which he now deeply regrets and wants to change.

Biden is deeply pro-Irish. What Johnson ever thought he was going to win from him when Johnson is so reckless with the future of that island is very hard to imagine. But at least Biden stuck to his guns, and Johnson looks like he will come home pretty much empty-handed.

It was all meant to be so easy post-Brexit. The reality is that it is anything but. And sometime this message will eventually sink in with everyone except, perhaps, the rump that is now called the Tory party.