Thank you to 5,000 subscribers

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Jack Lennon, who does the engineering on all my videos these days, pointed out recently that we now have 5,000 subscribers to this channel. The late Mark Cooney, with whom I began it, would be chuffed to bits. I admit that Jack and I are too. But after making videos for more than a year what’s the future for this channel?

I started the channel by talking about a lot of the themes then current in my work, and a reasonable number were fairly topical as a result. However, over the last year my approach to social media has changed a bit, whether on my blog, YouTube or Twitter, where I probably have the biggest outreach.  What I have realised is that a great many people are quite eager to learn about what goes on in our economy, and not many people are willing to sit down and tell them in what are meant to be fairly straightforward terms.

Overall that is where I see this channel going. Surveys on my blog suggest there are many themes people want explored. A recent series of videos on money was a part of that process of explanation, Another coming up on tax havens is similar in style, even if on a very different theme.

It has always offended me that the professions of which I am a part - whether as an accountant or economist - seem anxious to exclude outsiders from understanding what they are all about. The videos that I make are meant to provide an insight into the workings of both professions. Which have a critical impact on our collective wellbeing, whilst also providing tropics for debate. If they do that they will have succeeded. Thanks for viewing them and subscribing to the channel.