If you thought Covid was all over, think again

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If you thought Covid was all over this short thread from the quite amazing Prof Christina Pagel suggests otherwise:

Those graphs should end any sense of complacency.

And come September schools and universities are back - and these are now, glaringly obviously, the conduits for transmission and very many students and pupils remain unprotected, either by their choice, or grossly negligently by government omission.

Add onto that the failure of the government to address issues around ventilation in schools - which could have been addressed by now as they have been in many parts of the USA - and we're still sitting on a potential nightmare.

No wonder the rumours of potential lockdowns during Christmas and Easter, and maybe even half-term holidays, are swirling. Circuit breakers are going to be needed.

The idea that we are returning to anything like normal as yet is absurd: we're not.