Labour won Batley and Spen but Galloway won’t save it everywhere, and it needs to be very worried

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Labour has won Batley and Spen, just.

Am I relieved? Of course I am. Who wouldn’t be?

More worrying was that over 20,000 people voted for far right parties. That, after all, is what both the Tories and George Galloway are.

The Tories are now a party using the state to feed their personal interests whilst displaying callous indifference to the people of this country, towards whose physical, emotional and economic wellbeing they are displaying considerable indifference so long as their corrupt gravy train can keep rolling on.

Galloway feeds and exploits every far-right trope available.

The suggestion was that Galloway would harm Labour. He might have done. But, I suspect he harmed the Tories almost as much. Without his presence there may have been a Tory victory, although I won’t be offering him thanks for anything.

However, that is why Labour has little to celebrate. It is not delivering a narrative that beats either the Tories or the far right. Nor can it when it has a candidate who says she’d like to do something for nurses, students, the green new deal and much else but then denies that any of that is possible because there is no magic money tree.

There is a magic money tree.

Austerity is not necessary.

Labour could offer radical solutions.

If it chooses not to then people will sense its fear and chosen incapacity and not vote for it.

Batley and Spen has been won, just. But there won’t be Galloways to split the right wing vote everywhere now. And in that case Labour needs to be worried.