The Green New Deal for the UK’s housing stock could create 500,000 new jobs, and is deliverable. What is more, paying for it is easy.

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Colin Hines and I have been calling for a retrofit green insulation and generation programme for the 28 million houses in the UK for longer than I wish to recall. It has always been a key component in what we have seen to be the Green New Deal.

Our argument has always been a perfectly straightforward one. It is that 35% of emissions come from households, so we need to eliminate them. This would, we argue, create new jobs in every constituency of the UK when literally nothing else can do so, and those jobs and the hope that comes with them are desperately needed. And, we have suggested, the funding for this is readily available, not just from quantitative easing, but from the savings glut that QE has already created in the UK.

It was good, therefore, to note that a whole host of organisations in the UK building and housing sector have come out in support of this idea in a new report:

As this report says:

And it adds:

It goes on to say:

We could not agree more. Indeed, it’s good to have so many of the claims that we have made confirmed.

Now all we need is delivery. And that comes down to answering the question ‘how are you going to pay for it?’ Colin and I remain the only people with a comprehensive plan to do that.

Now is literally the time to put the UK’s savings to work. Will the government rise to the challenge? It needs to do so.