How long will it be before reversing Brexit becomes an acceptable topic for political debate?

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This is the Telegraph's business page today:

This is the start of the story on Tim Martin, the boss of Wetherspoons:

Tim Martin was a massive supporter of Brexit, claiming it would be great for the UK. And now he very obviously does not think that remains the case.

He is right on this occasion, of course. Brexit offers no advantages for the UK at all. That I am aware of literally none have yet to be identified (and the vaccine argument is false). That is not surprising. When it came down to it everyone knew that Brexit was all about migration. And even that is now, very obviously, being seen to be unhelpful.

I am, of course, aware that suggesting that reversing Brexit should be on any agenda is now deemed politically unacceptable unless you are in Scotland. So let me speculate instead on how long it will be before the topic becomes a demand in the rest of the UK? At this rate, I would suggest that it's not long.