Institutional racism survives at the Home Office

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The Guardian has a shocking report in its pages today. It notes:

The Home Office has failed to compensate victims of the Windrush scandal quickly enough, a National Audit Office (NAO) investigation has found. Only 633 people have received payments out of an original government estimate of 15,000 potential applicants.

It added:

The Home Office originally said it needed 200 full-time equivalent caseworkers, but the scheme was launched with just six, and in March 2021 had only 53 staff, according to the NAO.

The consequence is extremely sad:

Home Office data shows 21 people have died waiting for Windrush compensation to be paid, and more than 500 applicants have waited more than a year for a decision.

The Windrush scandal is shocking enough. It should forever taint Theresa May’s legacy (if she has one). But what this evidence shows is that Priti Patel has no real intent to address the issue.

She has the time to be photographed looking at the detention of people illegally in the UK.

She permits the UK treating EU citizens arriving in the UK quite shockingly, as if it is a serious crime requiring immediate internment for them to innocently arrive here without the right paperwork.

But she cannot be bothered to fulfil a commitment to people who have already suffered enough from the racism of the UK government.

There are moments when the only thing to be is ashamed of this government. This is one of them.