A note to all existing subscribers – and those who want to subscribe to the blog

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This is an admin to all existing subscribers to the Tax Research UK email list.

The software used for the existing email listing is ceasing to operate from the end of June this year. This is entirely beyond my control, but does mean that those who get this blog from that list will no longer do so.

As far as I know I have no access to the details of those on that mail list. I am told the total number on it, and nothing more, and I am entirely happy with that.

However, this means that you will need to resubscribe to the new email list that is now in use for this blog. The box for that is at the top right of this page. It looks like this:


It really is pretty simple to do. And the result is a much cleaner mail system without adverts. The new mails look like this:

You will see that the option to unsubscribe is available at any time.

I will still not look at the list and will never use or share your email for any purpose. All you will get are summaries of blog posts here. That is it.

Thanks if you decide to resubscribe. I hope that you do.