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I mentioned yesterday that I spent Saturday with friends in London. Friends maybe, but fellow campaigners too. And what we were discussing was our varying priorities as we look at a world changed by Covid.

A year ago I wondered where projects, and income, might come from. A year on, projects I could not have imagined at the time are in progress. I am grateful for that, and the donations that have enabled charges here.

To put that in context, I have largely finished work on the edit after review of the report (or book) that is the product of the Making Tax Work project that I have been engaged on with Andrew Baker for the Global Initiative on Tax Transparency, which is funded by the IMF and World Bank. I was not that happy with the first draft. I am much happier with this 205 page one.

The ideas in it are quietly radical. The world is dependent on well functioning tax authorities that are accountable for their actions, just as taxpayers are. The argument for both tax gap and tax spillover analysis are advanced by the work.

I am also working hard on both audit issues and sustainable cost accounting. Another green new deal report is also due out soon. And then I wonder why I have not finished my paper on money and the ONS, or done as many videos as I would want.

But the question is, what are the right priorities? And has Covid changed them? Several of us asked that question of each other on Saturday.

I work on tax, economics, accounting, audit, climate change and political economy. And I hope I might be teaching again sometime. Is that viable? Or should I concentrate? If so, on what? And why?

It’s an issue I am pondering. Any thoughts?