Now they’re corrupting the news stories in their corruption

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Government corruption is now normal. Yesterday we learned that the VIP channel for Covid procurement took up so much of officials’ time last year  that those actually capable of delivering PPE, ventilators and other essential supplies that might work could not get a look in.

There can be no doubt people died as a result. How many could not be said. But whilst NHS staff were reduced to wearing bin liners as PPE the profiteering cronies were being favoured, and that must have had a cost.

But is this the big news story of the day? No, that was reserved for the suspicion that Dominic Cummings leaked the tests from Dyson to Boris Johnson on getting tax favours so that he could advance himself still further in the VIP queue for favours.

This annoys me. As I have tweeted this morning:

This is cover. But it’s worse than. That. It actually shows that this government is even able to corrupt the news media’s coverage of its own corruption. And that’s deeply worrying.