Labour’s planning hundreds of thousands of new jobs – but isn’t saying how as yet

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I was pleased to see this headline, hidden somewhat low, in the Guardian this morning:

Labour unveils £30bn plan to create 400,000 green jobs

Hallelujah, I thought. Labour has finally announced its Green New Deal. And about time too, I added, a fraction later.

So I want to look for details on the Labour Party website. And I can’t find any. There is no hint of such a plan that I can see on the front page or in the latest news section. So I can’t cover the story.

Larry Elliot says this about it:

Keir Starmer has announced a £30bn plan to revive UK manufacturing by creating 400,000 green jobs.

In an attempt to mitigate the blow to employment caused by Covid-19, the Labour leader said the proposed investment in secure low-carbon jobs would have knock-on effects across the economy.

Hundreds of thousands of jobs would be supported in manufacturing sectors including steel, offshore wind, automotive and aerospace, Starmer said.

Excellent. But it would be great to be able to find out more. Because this is what the country should be talking about so it should have pride of place on their website. But right now it hasn’t. And that makes me wonder whether they really mean what they’re saying.