The abuse of markets that is now promoted by right wing politicians has to end

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The European Super League looks to have been killed by the universal opposition of supporters, players, managers and even politicians.

I am pleased.

I would be more pleased if the similarly abusive behaviour of the government with regard to the NHS were to excite as much opposition, because their intention to undermine the ethos of public service in the NHS, with the intention to replace it with a pursuit of private profit, is of considerably greater concern.

Corruption, greed, exploitation and abuse have long been known to be the end point of unfettered capitalism.

I support the idea of regulated markets in which private sector enterprise can exist, and flourish. Working in partnership with government, such entities are part of the only viable model for our future economy that we have. So I do not accept for a moment any suggestion that I oppose the market economy.

But I do oppose the abuse of the market economy that those on the economic right wing now suggest to be the acceptable face of capitalism.

The European Super League was example of that abusive form of capitalism. So too would a privatised medical service in the UK be abusive, because this is a natural monopoly where exploitation of the public and of the public purse, alongside denial of access, are the only inevitable outcomes of encroaching privatisation that permeates the NHS now.

We need anger in its defence.