Our tax system should not be altered to suit the demands of a billionaire

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As the BBC has reportedBBC has reported:

Boris Johnson told Sir James Dyson by text he would 'fix' tax issue

The substance does not matter greatly, although it related to staff sent by Dyson to the UK to work on Covid related projects who Dyson did not want subject to UK tax as a result.

What matters is that Johnson thought tax a matter capable of being changed in pursuit of the personal self interest of a person who had already moved his businesses from this country.

He gut what he wanted.

This is corruption. Tax codes are not created for the personal benefit of billionaires. They are created fur the benefit of society.

We appear to have a prime minister who does not know that.

As definitions of corruption go it’s quite a good one.

And it’s another nail in the coffin of our supposed democracy that someone in government can offer such assurances.