The fundamental pension contract is failing

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People think that pensions are all about saving, financial speculation, and living off your money in old age.

The trouble is that this model of pension provision is failing because financial markets are no longer providing reliable financial returns, and there's no likelihood that they will.

Worse still, this form of pension provision has meant that a generation (mine) has failed to invest in the real assets that are essential if the next generation (our children) are to have the means look after us in old age.

That's the real worry, and only radical action can put that right now. I explain this in more depth in this video.

I have been asked whether transcripts of these videos are possible. They aren’t, easily. But subtitles can be turned on by clicking on the three blobs in the top right hand corner of the video and clicking the option to add captions. They will not be perfect, but they will help.