What price will the failure of financial capitalism impose upon us?

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The Tory plan for compulsory re-education appears to be advancing:


That there are people who think we can be educated into believing a flag that has been appropriated for party political purposes and is alien to many in what is now the UK for very solid political, ethical and personal reasons belongs to us all is in itself profoundly worrying. The promotion of brainwashing has begun.

The reality that the Tories are scared of the fragility of their position, and so think that the time has come when they must impose their beliefs to preserve the remaining vestiges of the form of corrupt financial capitalism that has supported their political, economic and environmental abuses in the pursuit of personal wealth, is the best indication that they are very worried.

The trouble is that they will not give up without a fight. It's the cost of that fight that worries me. They will lose. That is inevitable because this form of financial capitalism is literally unsustainable at a time when sustainability is the only viable choice that we have. But when, how and with what price to pay is the real issue.