Videos – an update

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You might have noticed that there have been few videos in the last week or so. As I previously advised, Mark Cooney, with whom I have been working on this project, has developed a serious illness that may  be incurable. That fact, and the fact that he is getting married this week, has given him much else to give attention to.

I am, of course, wishing Mark all the very best. It has been a lot of fun working with him on this project. I know he has shared that view. I suspect I will find his wedding, which will take leave in Ely Cathedral as he has been live steaming all their services during lockdown, a little emotional. Like most people I will be watching it on a live stream. There will be just six people present.

But, Mark has been as determined as me to keep videos going and so has helped recruit new help. Jack Lennon will be working with me from this week. He is a masters student. The only doubt he has is whether studying will leave enough time for this, but we’re going to give it a go. Videos will be back soon. It’s what Mark wants.