Hope is back

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I watched Biden’s inauguration yesterday. And I believed Biden.

I am under no illusions. I know how the Democrats are captured. I know neither he or Kamala Harris are radicals.

But for four years we have had toxic, populist corruption and outright lying from the Whitehouse. And yesterday Biden did things that mattered on the environment, healthcare, international relations, migration, inequality and the abuse of natural resources. All change the direction of travel in ways that I welcome.

But the delivery of the inaugural poem by Amanda Gorman was the centrepiece. Why? Because it happened. Because of the fact that it symbolised the embrace of diversity as much as the appointment of Vice-President Harris did. And because of the words Amanda Gorman chose.

I don’t buy the American dream. But Amanda Gorman adapted it and made it live in a new way, with a new delivery, and with an implicit rebuttal of the toxicity of Trump and all that he stood  for without ever mentioning him, as was the theme of the day. That has to deliver  some hope.