Cummings thought that letting the vulnerable die was the way to beat Covid 19, and that still seems to be the policy

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As the FT reports this morning:

The ... React-1 study led by Imperial College London concluded that prevalence of the [Covid] virus was “very high with no evidence of decline”. The finding was based on the analysis of 142,900 nose and throat swabs from a representative sample of the English population between January 6 and 15.

I happened to be one of those 142,900. My test was negative, which was no great surprise to me.

The result is worrying though. If there is no evidence of a decline in the R rate then there is no case for releasing lockdown and every reason to consider extending it.

The question remains as to why schools are open? Their being so remains the most likely reason for this failure to suppress the virus, which if it stays as it is has many tens of thousands more people to kill in the UK before this sorry event is over, with the government having by then succeeded in its aim of creating herd immunity by letting the vulnerable die. That was what Cummings thought should be done. And that is what is still happening.