Does this blog need guest posts?

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The question was raised yesterday in a comment on the blog as to whether I was willing to accept guest posts from those who have proved their ability as regular commentators.

The reality is that I have occasionally accepted guest posts on the blog, usually, but not always, from academic colleagues.

And there have also been occasions when comments offered as such have been promoted to being blogs in their own right.

But the reality is that I have very rarely commissioned such posts, and literally no-one except an academic has ever offered a post for publication that I can recall accepting.

That is not an ego issue. I have worked hard to ensure that this blog is open to a wide range of opinion, and take a lot of flak for doing so. The result is that this blog is already about very many more people than me. I guess my role is to set some of the subjects for debate.

I also promoted Progressive Pulse to provide an alternative outlet. This is now almost entirely run by Peter May, and in that sense the idea of diversification has not worked.

So, the question is, should that role of lead writer be shared? And who would want to offer a contribution? I would, I admit, retain full editorial rights, but there are many here who can write well and have valuable opinions.

Any thoughts? I am interested, whilst also wary of losing the essence of what the blog is. That’s why I am asking.