The head of state is leading a coup in the USA, but don’t rule out that it could happen here

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I am sitting watching the BBC News Channel at 8.25 on Wednesday evening. And what is happening as I watch is an attempted coup in the USA. Incited by Trump, thousand have stormed the Capitol. Admittedly, most of them look pretty confused. But the reality is that they have deliberately sought to prevent the endorsement of the President-elect of the USA. If that is not a coup, led by Trump, then I am not sure what is.

For some years now I have talked about the threat to democracy from right wing politicians, like Trump. I have been suggesting the same risk exists here. Indeed, emulation is so common now that it now seems almost inevitable that copy cat actions will now happen in other parliaments when right wing politicians dislike results in the future.

What is happening tonight cannot be dismissed as a freak. This is what fascism looks like. And we should all be worried. What is at stake tonight is liberal democracy. And that matters. Our right to choose is under threat. And a President of the USA orchestrated this.

And you think this could not happen here? You should believe it could. Let me provide an example. There is now ample evidence that people in one country of our Union want to leave the UK. Their political leadership is asking for the democratic right to choose. And that is being denied to them. Is this very different from what Trump has been doing in defying and seeking to deny democratic choice? I see little difference. The contempt for the will of people is similar.

When politics ignores people’s wishes for proper representation democracy is at threat. That is clearly happening in the US now. And it’s also happening here. Johnson smirked with contempt when saying he would not allow a Scottish referendum on Sunday. We have a democratic crisis here too, led by our head of state.