How bad does it have to get before the tribalism ends?

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I would not normally quote a paragraph this long from The Guardian, but it seems necessary to get the nuance of the argument in their lead editorial today:

Some think the party has become too liberal socially and too radical economically for voters. This seems an overreaction. In a paper for the Compass thinktank, Neal Lawson and Grace Barnett suggest Labour ought to drop its tribalism rather than its policies. The electoral map holds out hope for Labour if it could work with like-minded parties. The Compass report identifies two clear battlegrounds emerging primarily in England: one between Labour and the Conservatives, another between the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives. There are few constituencies where Labour and the Liberal Democrats are vying for supremacy. Hence Mr Lawson and Ms Barnett’s call for a progressive alliance formed from parties given to tolerance, solidarity and greenery — a politics that sets them apart from the me-first, rightwing nationalism of their opponents.

I am aware that some readers of this blog have no love of the Guardian. I am more open minded.

The same is true of my politics. Like many, I have and will find it hard to forgive the LibDems for their coalition years. There is good reason for that.

But at the end of the day there are three lessons to note. The first is that coalitions between the Tories and other parties are what has brought us to this sorry state. Do not forget that with the DUP.

Second, first past the post has not delivered secure or stable, let alone good government.

Third, it is Labour’s tribalism that keeps it out of office. And I find that pretty hard to forgive as well.

So before jumping up and down saying ‘why sell out?’ I suggest three more things.

First, would you rather the Tories?

Second, would you rather people not have their own say?

Third, are you afraid to try to win the argument for what is appropriate in coalition? If so, why? What’s wrong with the argument in that case?

I am desperate for reform. But more than that, I am desperate for democracy.

Surely the time has come for those who are to work together? How bad does it have to get before sense prevails?