Aid is to be cut, just when it is going to be needed more than ever

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Slipped into the Politico newsletter this morning was this, which I have not seen in other media as yet:

The PM is considering a “temporary cut” to Britain’s aid spending, the Times‘ Francis Elliott, Steve Swinford and Lucy Fisher report. “Ministers have drawn up plans to reduce the proportion of Britain’s gross national income spent on aid from 0.7 percent to 0.5 percent, saving billions.”

The Daily Express must be wetting itself with joy.

The Little Britainers are taking their chance just when the rest of the world faces food crises, increasing poverty, the impact of climate change and, of course, the need for coronavirus vaccines. Or, in other words, just when the need for aid is growing.

It's at moments like these that you see the real, callous, meanness that underpins right-wing thinking. We can afford to give aid. But the Tories don't want to do so. They would rather people suffered.