The only thing to celebrate about Cummings going is that, unlike Trump, he might at least quit

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As the FT suggested thus morning:

Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s chief adviser, dramatically announced his resignation on Thursday night, in what is expected to signal the start of an exodus of Vote Leave veterans from Downing Street.

I have tweeted this in reaction:

I thought about elaborating this further here. But, what is there to add?

That this is the reality of populism, as a force only intent on destruction, laid bare before us?

And that the implication is, very clearly, that Johnson’s days are numbered as well?

Or that this signals that Brexit was only ever a game for these people? An exercise to see if they could ‘win’ by manipulation?

Plus, that now the era of managing the fallout begins, and it will be ghastly?

I think all those things are true.

But what I suspect is that few - maybe Cummings and Johnson apart - appreciate just how bad the wreckage that they have created will be. Which means there is little to celebrate in this.

Except, perhaps, that unlike Trump they might depart peacefully.