It is the rentiers who will bring this country down

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As the Financial Times has noted:

Pret A Manger, Hugo Boss and the UK’s largest independent toy retailer have been threatened with legal action by shopping centre landlord Westfield over unpaid rent as England enters a second lockdown.

“It’s unprecedented, it’s not a reasonable action for a landlord to take at a time of year like this, especially on day one of the lockdown,” said Gary Grant, executive chairman of The Entertainer, a toy chain which has 173 stores.

Mr Grant received a letter from Westfield on Thursday demanding that the company pay its bill in full or face legal action to collect outstanding rent.

I have said it before, and no doubt I will have to say it again: it is the rentiers who will bring this country down.

And unless the government takes action to stop them doing so then we are in deep trouble.

But to date, there is no sign that they are in the slightest bit aware of this.