Building a Scottish tax system

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The Scottish National newspaper has reported that:

THE Scottish Independence Convention (SIC) has today announced a “comprehensive” new report on building a new sovereign nation, The National can reveal. Titled Transitioning Scotland: Building The Institutions For Our New Country, the work will cover borders, customs, security, taxation and currency and banking and will be published in parts — with the first coming as early as the end of October.
The rest — led by experts including Professor Richard Murphy, Dr Philippa Whitford and Dr Craig Dalzell — will follow over a three-month period culminating ahead of the May 2021 election.
By June, it is hoped that the complete set will be “ready to guide the new parliament”.
It looks like I should finish my contribution in that case. It is, of course, about tax and the role it will play in an independent Scotland and right now it is way over length.