Fibre broadband

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BT has, finally, connected me to fibre broadband this morning. All the people involved have been really efficient, courteous and even charming, going out of their way to help. But that's not my reason for noting this.

My reason for doing that is to note the phenomenal increase in broadband speed that this has given rise to. I am now connecting at about five times the speed that I was first thing this morning, before the connection was put in.

Given that I spent a great deal of my life on the internet, that is inevitably going to have an impact upon my productivity, and eliminate the frustrations that I have sometimes suffered whilst waiting to do the most basic things, such as loading an email.

It has taken years for the speed that I know exists in places like the universities where I have worked to now be available in my home. Given the dependence of this country on people now working at home it's ridiculous that the rollout of high-speed broadband is taking so long when other countries are so far ahead of us.

Do you know that advert about Fatima? If that fictional ballet dancer really needed another job, helping roll out broadband in rural communities would be high on the list. Cyber is not that relevant until you can access it.