Asking Keir Starmer about Brexit

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I asked a question of Keir Starmer on LBC this morning. It was, near enough, this:

Thanks for taking my call.

What I know from my discussions with business people is that almost all of them want a delay to the Brexit process. They are already struggling with Covid. And they know that the extra stress from Brexit could kill their businesses.

So my question is will you now demand a delay in the Brexit transition process, come what may, to just let business, our economy and our food supply chains have a chance?

And if not, why not, because surely this is now as important as Covid in ensuring that our country keeps functioning?

I regret to say that Keir Starmer ducked the question. He said that Brexit was decided upon, he hoped for a deal, and there was nothing he could do about it now. What is more, he said that business just want a deal - which is emphatically not true, as I know.

I got a brief follow up to make clear that he had not addressed my issues. But I did not get the chance to make clear that he could demand action to help business at a PMQ session. And that was a shame.

Was I impressed by the answer? No, to be candid. It was exactly what a government minister might have given. And that is not what I expect of a Leader of the Opposition. No wonder Labour is struggling to get ahead in the polls.