Let’s hope for Donald Trump

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I really don’t wish Trump ill. I’ve had Covid 19. It was not fun. In fact, I think it was the most ill I’ve ever felt. I was not hospitalised, but it took a month to feel right again. And I’m not the sort of person to give in to feeling ill.

There is a reason for saying that. I don’t wish this disease on anyone. But I do wish for the truth. And Trump has not been saying it.

He’s denied the seriousness of Covid.

He’s encouraged others to take risks.

He’s set the pace by taking risks himself.

He’s been indifferent to the suffering and death that Covid-19 has caused.

He’s taunted those who have taken precautions.

He’s suggested remedies that are not only false, but which have caused real harm.

He’s lied about the origin of the disease.

He’s created division.

He’s argued that behaving in a way likely to result in the infection of others is a human right.

And now he’s got it.

And he got a special concoction of drugs to deal with it.

And then they flew him to hospital because he was fatigued and had problems breathing.

Well let me tell you Donald Trump, that’s just part of it.

The real question is, though, what is the significance of this? Most especially if, as seems likely, Trump has not got this asymptomatically, but has the full blown thing.

Let’s assume, and hope, he gets through it. But let’s also hope for some other things too, because it’s not unreasonable to do so.

Let’s hope he tells the truth now.

Let’s hope he admits that this is serious.

Let’s hope that he says he was wrong.

Let’s hope he apologises for his actions to date.

Let’s hope he admits that those wearing masks were just doing so to protect him.

Let’s hope he might change his approach to healthcare.

Let’s hope he realises that healthcare is a universal right and not just for Presidents.

Let’s hope he tells others that this is the case.

Let’s hope those others realise that they have been conned by a man who lied.

Let’s hope they don’t vote for him as a result.

Let’s hope there will be change.

One can hope. I do.