How low have we sunk?

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There has been much that has been confusing in British politics of late.   This tweet from the Conservatives last night can be used to summarise much of it:

The claim made is, of course, entirely false. The opposite is true for every claim made.

What Labour actually voted to do was to deliver the Brexit agreement that this government reached last year and which it passed into law in January 2020.

What Labour did, rightly or wrongly, was say that a deal had been done and that it needed to be honoured.

Labour said that deal cannot be revised on a whim.

It said that the Union cannot also be shattered and devolution rolled back on the pretext of a threat from the EU, which very clearly does not exist.

And nor, come to that, should the U.K. be picking a fight on state aid with the EU when the trade deal with Japan that’s already resolved leaves no negotiating room in any event.

So what was this tweet really about?

It was about the power to lie and think it can be got away with.

That’s it.

And let’s be clear that the government knows it is lying.

But, and this is key, it lies because it thinks it can get away with it and to some of its key supporters that indicates that it has power that only contempt for the truth, knowing there is nothing anyone can really do to correct it, confers to this with this mindset.

In other words, this is deliberate, sociopathic lying.

And those doing it are our government.

How low have we sunk?