When are we going to get a Green New Deal?

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It's very hard to disagree with this in The Guardian's editorial this morning:

Just over a decade ago, the UN secretary general and others urged a Green New Deal in response to the global financial crisis. The world missed that opportunity, and looks set to repeat its mistake. But the benefits of a drastic shift in priorities are clearer than ever: economists and health experts say that they would outweigh the costs. The World Economic Forum said last month that tackling what it calls the global nature crisis could create 400 million jobs and $10tn (£8tn) in business value each year by 2030 – while the current rate of destruction threatens half of global GDP.

There is still time to act. Economic rescue packages are still being shaped; Berlin’s has shown what is possible. In the UK, coal’s role in power generation has slumped from almost 25% to 2% in just a few years, and the offshore wind industry is thriving. The ban on petrol and diesel cars slated for 2035 should be accelerated, and the installation of gas boilers outlawed. But above all, pandemic response spending must be directed to those parts of the economy that can reduce global heating, not worsen it.

As they noted in the subtitle:

Greta Thunberg has warned that we have wasted valuable time in the fight against global heating. We need Green New Deals

Quite so.

And we know how to deliver them. So when are we going to get a real one?