Forever with blue cheese

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Liz Truss was a laughing stock in 2014:

And now the FT reports that:

Talks between Tokyo and London over a new trade deal have hit a snag after Liz Truss, UK trade secretary, insisted on bringing Stilton cheese into the negotiations. Both sides came close to an agreement in London last week, but Ms Truss is holding out for a better deal for British food, with a particular focus on attempts to boost sales of blue cheese in Japan.

And just to get this in perspective, they add:

A symbolic concession on cheese may not cause many repercussions: Britain sold £18m of blue cheese — mainly Stilton — around the world last year, but only £102,000 worth to Japan, according to the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. A milder version of the cheese is created for Asian markets.

It does not inspire confidence that memories of a poor conference speech can create such issues now.