The army is on standby for four crises this winter. Three indicate policy failure. The fourth alert is much more sinister

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As iNews reports:

Boris Johnson has ordered the army to plan for a potential quadruple crisis this winter involving a second spike of coronavirus, a serious flu outbreak, Brexit and flooding, it has emerged.

The head of the Ministry of Defence's strategy and operations revealed that Downing Street has asked for tabletop exercises, simulating a combination of emergencies, to be carried out by army chiefs, Whitehall departments and local authorities by the end of August in order to prepare for the possible winter disaster.

One might ask some questions. The role of the military in flooding is obvious, albeit a sign of failure in domestic policy.

The role of the military in the initial stages of a pandemic might also be apparent. But in its recurrence? Why is that necessary?

And since when were the military part of the NHS when it came to flu management?

But Brexit? What's that about? Is this to defend the state? Or to control border chaos we have had years to plan for but have failed to do? Is it to enforce a border in the Irish Sea? Or could it just be to suppress the civil unrest that almost inevitable food and medicine shortages might give rise to?

Looked at however you will, the need to put our diminished armed forces on alert is a sign of policy failure. By it  may be something much more sinister than that as well.

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