A Green Investment Bank is on its way back – and since it’s a necessary condition for the Green New Deal let’s not get too nit-picking, yet

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I sometimes criticise our government. It's only appropriate then to note when it is moving in the right direction. This is good news, from The Guardian:

The UK government is poised to reveal plans for a new state-backed green bank to help finance Britain’s climate ambitions, three years after ministers agreed to sell the UK’s Green Investment Bank.

They add:

Kwasi Kwarteng, the energy minister, said that he expects the government to set out how it plans to create a successor to the Green Investment Bank “in the not-too-distant future”.

I am amongst many who have called for this, and it is a core Green New Deal demand as well as a necessary part of green quantitative easing:

The move to rebuild a new green lender comes amid growing calls from climate campaigners, economists and academics to invest in green infrastructure to help revive the UK’s struggling economy and help meet its climate targets.

We could  in that case be way further ahead than we are now, but I will avoid such criticism now: at least a move is being made in the right direction.