Introduction to accounting: a new YouTube video

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The last of the introductory videos for my YouTube channel is now out:

Accounting may not be everyone’s idea of a campaigning theme, but I have to disagree. What we count matters most in our society, and since accounting deals with money, with which we are obsessed, accounting sets the priorities in our society in ways that few appreciate.

Accounting is, then, deeply political. It makes capital, and the interests of shareholders its priority, by choice.

Labour is treated as a burden in accounting, by choice.

The environment is treated as an externality by accountancy, and so is almost entirely ignored, by accounting by choice.

Whilst accounting has chosen to ignore efforts to beat international tax abuse through public country-by-country reporting by very deliberate choice and even blatant misrepresentation.

And accounting is in dire need of reform.

So accounting matters. It is the lens though which we see a large part of the world. Please take a look at the video. This issue matters.