Half way there

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In the first six months of this year this blog had 1.735 million reads.

To put this in context, last year it had 1.739 million reads.

Now to be fair, last year was the lowest number of reads for several years. My academic work was pretty seriously distracting in 2019 and the number of posts was way down.

And to also be fair, there have been one or two pretty exceptional circumstances this year that have contributed to the change, and not all of them by a long way of my making. I’d much rather some had not happened.

But, that said, thank you. I admit I do not write to find favour. I write what I want, and think appropriate. I know that’s both a strength and a weakness. I accept that. It’s also, in my experience, the only way to pioneer change and survive the experience of writing a blog in the long term, which can sometimes be a bit challenging.

When in June 2006 I began this blog I had no idea what might happen. 19.3 million reads later some things have. And a great deal of really useful debate has arisen. I have learned a massive amount, and changed my mind along the way on some issues as a result. And I really appreciate that.

I am making no forecasts for the rest of this year. Every single forecast for 2020 so far has been so wildly wrong no one can be sure what will happen. What I can say is that I do still want to develop key themes, on tax after coronavirus, sustainable cost accounting, MMT, the Green New Deal and more. This year has a long way to go as yet.