Constructive work

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I liked this Tweet to which my attention was drawn this morning:

That is so true.

And on that score, might I apologise for some things appearing to be missing on the blog right now?

I know I promised more Mythbusters.

And Tax After Coronavirus (TACs) is quiet.

So are some issues to do with sustainable cost accounting.

And I intended to publish more tax data.

I haven't because I have been working like fury to finish a submission on reports to the UK government and a report for the Global Initiative for Financial Transparency on what we're calling a Tax Transparency Standard.

In all I think I have written at least 25,000 words (maybe more; certainly not less) in the last week: there were more than 6,000 yesterday. And there are only so many I can do in a day.

Both these pieces of work will be delivered by the end of next week for all practical purposes. Then other issues on the blog will get more attention again, not least because after these two there are no other looming deadlines. Such is the state of play right now.

Please accept my apologies. I am finite. It's very annoying.