All injustice matters

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On this blog I tend to focus on issues relating to income and wealth inequality. And I tend to use an economic lens to view that issue. I don’t apologise for that: no one can cover all issues.

But, there are moments when it is appropriate to acknowledge that injustice comes in many forms and has to be viewed through many lenses.

I am deeply aware that there is a gender dimension to many of the issues I look at, and have long been angry about it.

And there is, very obviously, a race element as well.

Ethnicity, sexual orientation and religious discrimination all, also, contribute to the inequality within the world that we live in.

These issues are not unrelated. They are all dimensions of the same issue, which is the disregard that some feel that they have the right to show towards fellow members of the human race.

I first became aware of the power of discrimination before I was a teenager. It angered me then. The more I have learned of it the more it has angered me. My anger with it motivates what I do: the harm that the deliberate oppression of some for the advantage of others causes is a crime.

As a result I put on record my support for all those protesting as a result of the death of George Floyd. Their anger and their outrage is justified. He died as a result of the contemptuous indifference of another man. Anyone who is not angry about that should be very worried about the quality of their own humanity.

I urge peacefulness: violence simply plays to the oppressor. But whilst I may not say it often, nothing that I call for can happen without other injustices being addressed, for they are all dimensions of the same issue.

Every life matters. Today we are forcefully reminded that black lives matter, and rightly so. But all who are oppressed deserve our concern: there is no solution to any problem that is not inclusive.