An update on economic myths

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I did not quite expect the question I raised on Saturday to get the reaction it did: there have been 121 response to my request for lists of economic myths needing shattering, and that number is still rising.

I asked the question with good reason. I wanted to know the answer. I will now be doing an analysis of the responses and will then work out where to go from there.

My instinct is to do three things.

The first is to then flag the list of requests and, in effect, keep it open.

The second is to highlight those that got most support and seek confirmation that these are, indeed, the right ones to focus on.

The third reaction will be to write responses. I would suggest that these are in four parts.

The first part will be the Twitter response: 240 characters to dismiss the myth (if possible).

The second will be the slightly longer response: the 200 words that anyone on radio might get, at most, on the issue.

The third will be the longer still blog version (which will usually be the easiest to write, by far). this might be 700 to 800 words.

And the fourth version will then add references, or may simply be those references, plus charts.


And thoughts as to how this is to be done? I am planning to blog the responses but then have a link page on the wiki, plus links to other common myths at the bottom of each post. Does that make sense.

Finally, a series name? Again, thoughts?

PS: a final note: it has occurred to me that I have not have taken very much time at all off this year: I even blogged when in bed with Covid-19. I am taking a bit of a break (by my standards) this week, so reactions may be a bit slower than normal.